Christoph's First Efoil Build


I have been reading the build process that you guys have been doing and I am very much inspired to build my own e-foil.

so here’s what i have at this time:

a hydrofoil with the motor already mounted on it, the ends are T6 Aluminum while the middle are acrylic i assume there is no force applied to it so we should be ok.

the batteries are spot welded using some transformer and an arduino to control the pulse width.

only thing left to build is the board and the box for the battery and electronics.



@virus thanks for answering my questions in the beginning.

For night rides, acrylic would diffuse led light very nicely just below the water surface. :wink:

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I like the idea!! We should be able to put some room for the LEDs

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Batteries are 14s7p configured and box already built. Time to make a seal

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Some updates on the build, board is done, electronics is done as well. Time to test!


Wow nice clean board. do you mind sharing some more pictures of the board, also what motor and esc are you using it kinda looks like a 65161 or 65162 motor