CNC machined Electric Hydrofoil

Hi everyone,

I would like to say Thank you to Pacific Meister and everyone! for all the information and ideas on this community. You have so much encouraged me to carry on to build my electric hydro foil. We fully support this movement and this community to keeping improvement and share. I would like to share my 3d-models and my bom later. This is my first post to say hello to all of you.

I started build my first unit (V1) last April. It was failed.

I find and kept followed Pacific Meister YouTube channel to his progress. It was very impressed and encouraged me to continue, and I join this community for months and keep read the ideas from you. I started to build my second version last month. And it finally test succeeds yesterday. I am very happy. I build all the part by Aluminum Alloy by CNC machine including the propeller. and I am using a Naish Foil. I prepare to build my foil next step.


Marco Hou

Sorry, I still not figure out how to share the video. we follow up later. :smiley:


That is some nice cnc stuff! Was it hard to mill the propeller? Looks like it is super thin so you should had some blade vibrating issues?
I only milled 500-1500mm dia impellers and it is hard to get a nice smooth surface on the blades due to vibration.

It would be easy to mill the propeller by a 5 axes CNC milling machine. The surface could be very nice smooth at use very spindle speed on the finishing mill. no further polishing needed (nicer finishing means longer time). There has no any vibration found this small propeller @3000 rpm.


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I’d love to get your CAD files, particularly for the propeller. Please let me know the best way to do that, as I am starting my 2nd build now. - thanks, Adam

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I am un the UK and want to get some parts CnC ed like my mast clamp as i broke it twice now over tightening etc
Has anyone found a cheap place to get parts CNCnd
Anyone got any parts made from china?

I haven’t found any cheap places, but will be interesting to see if anyone else has. Where are you in the UK?

South Wales newport,Gwent

I am in Shanghai, China. I don’t know how much expensive in UK. But We may have an indicate compare. I Paid nearly 21 pounds for cnc ing one mast clamp. I also felt it is way expensive than 3D printing. I think it is reasonable cost more when single piece cnc machining. cnc is good at mass production.

£21… That’s insanely cheap to CNC the mast clamp. Here in the UK you would be looking at probably £300 for a once off!

300 pounds? Unbelievable.

I need clarification to avoid any mislead. I mark out it on following photo of my e-foil. That part impossible for the insane cost in UK. Are you sure?

Yes thats the clamp. Its about £150 per piece. Clamp is 2 pieces.

Thats a very nice foil!

I think someone in the forum recommended this company from china: China CNC Machining - Runsom Precision
I bookmarked it at the time, never ordered from them though. Might be worth even with additional shipping cost.


Congratulations for your nice project.
Which NAISH Thrust surf foil do you have ? L or XL ?
Size: M | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 3.54 | Wingspan: 23.8"/60.5 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,032 cm2
Size: L | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 3.54 | Wingspan: 26.1"/66.2 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,236 cm2
Size: XL | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 4.75 | Wingspan: 34"/86.4 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,572 cm2

Using a caliper, could you give me CH, TH and L in mm ? (chord, thickness)

you can get a instant quote from here there not super cheap but they are quick and have 5 axis.

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@morgansteven1970 I paid $180 USD to have the motor gearbox mount CNC machined from aluminum on 3DHubs.

Hey Jezza, That s make good sense to me, Thanks. It was wrong number. I call the rear part of the mast clamp ”tube mount rear”. And I paid £95 for it. So I paid £116 in total for the complete mast clamp. Think if including the shipping. It is not super cheap to CNC here in China, Isn’t it?

I have L and XL. the mast is exchangeable. I like XL. It works better for me.

Sure, I can do the measure for u during the weekend.

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I am looking at the photo of your first build. It looks similar to my motor assembly. What type of failure did you have. Tell me about the motor please.

Hello Marco. Nice work. I am in Shanghai next week. Where do you foil?
Greetings Toto

I got some parts CNC parts made using this company, good quality and cheap. I got a front mast clamp and a motor to gearbox adapter and it cost 138USD delivered to UK.


Here the details below if anyone interested:


No.70 Tongxing Xi Rd,Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, 528414, P.R.China

What’s APP:008613392940070

We Chat:ellen_sunpe15

Tel.: +86 (0) 760-2222 5560 EXT 8012

Fax.: +86 (0) 760-2221 1992