CNC Machining (custom parts, plastic, aluminium, seals)

Hello everyone,

if anyone needs help in creating your one EFOIL, we can offer excellent cnc support :slight_smile:

send enquire and you get offer in same day :slight_smile:

we can also make custom seals and plastic parts :slight_smile:

HIGH QUALITY surface treatment (different colors)

custom seals and Traction system for E-FOILs


Hi David,
very nice parts :heart_eyes: where are you located?

We ar from Slovenia / EU :slight_smile:


where in slovenia are you?

Podravska region :slight_smile: (Ormož)

Looks fantastic David! Have you tested that jet drive unit?

We prefer prop, becuse less consumption and high speeds up to 55 KM/H… (crazy)

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WeIcome, slovenian guys… I can give you a few ideas…

  • Slding plate similar to abracadabra naish foil mount, fitting to Gong Allvator’s foil profile

  • See here with Pacificmeister, Hiorth, Jezza or Virus if they are interested in producing the aluminum parts they designed

  • maybe some prop ?

  • Pacificmeister prop guard final duct, with his authorization

  • an aluminium front clamp connecting to the foil and fitting the standard tubes ( is that 56mm and 49mm internal diameters ?) we are using would be amazing, especially for those of us trying to have the whole system including batteries inside the pod, making it quite heavy and needing a super strong clamp.

  • waterproof fireproof battery or ESC case

Can you also play with steel or titanium ?



thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

yes we can do parts from steel :slight_smile:

well design, high quality aluminium (yes i drop on the floor one propeller…) and fast shipping

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Great job! what exactly I was looking for.
Will you guys ship to US?
Is it possible to give us some sample prices on sealing parts from Pacificmiester build?

Hi, which part exactly? :hugs::ok_hand:

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I am not able to attach it here. It is the prop side sealing part with two O-rings. I can send you the step file please send my your email either here or in private message.

Flying_rodeo, could you give to us any idea of the price for any piece of your choice for PM’s pod ?

I have got some price estimation for motor side sealing part of pacificmiester build. I can share it here as an example if @Flying_Rodeo is OK with it. What I can say is their price seemed fair to me plus he is expert in hydrofoil which is plus. My only concern is shipping costs to US

You can share, with no problem :hugs:

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Guys you have talked too much or not enough :sunglasses::blush::heart_eyes:

What does this strong prop look like ? Is that better than the cheapie aluminium prop many of us have been using ?

Light weight , blades 3 times finner , drop one from 1,5m not even a mark , smaller blade area with higher pitch
Not cutting to do , why bother…