CnLinko LP16 with 8mm bullet connector - opinnions

Inspired by @f16model and Quarantine Efoil and because I didn’t find links to ready cad files I started modeling CnLinko LP16 connectors for motor wire connectors.
This is what I came up with:

What do you think? Could these be used as motor wire connectors? I have to check that the bullet connectors slide deep enough.
At the moment small plastic parts are printed PLA. What would be the best material for printing those?


That’s nice, I only work with PLA and TPU (elastic) filaments, haven’t others, I’ve managed to make 3D printed parts waterproof by sanding them smooth and coat with either cyanoacrylate glue, 5 minutes epoxy, polyester resin.

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Hello! Can you please send the files for printing ?

Hey Ivryl,

Very cool idea, I also really like the Cnlinko connectors! Unfortunately, they don’t sell extreme current ones so good idea! Unfortunately, the bullet connector you picked isn’t really capable of many connection cycles. I would go for one with springs instead of the one-piece brass type, the newer banana plug idea? If you want to use them on the wet site I would go for the 120A Surloks those are capable of many more cycles and better rated for the current.

I have to make little adjustements on the thread. Once I get it nice, I will share the files.

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@Kwinty: Do you mean something like amass xt150 connectors?

thank you very much, I will be waiting

Here are links to STL-files:!AnKIH99XNtqJ8Sj-ugEgBCkGJG5K?e=2zxZda!AnKIH99XNtqJ8SuWlVw3-TxapNNQ?e=Z2dnbD!AnKIH99XNtqJ8Se7YnsHyrfBZNxI?e=4St05q!AnKIH99XNtqJ8Sp4zLhZ57J3PdZH?e=r7kUYr!AnKIH99XNtqJ8SmGzlGEn6_hIiJs?e=ZxfUMJ


I just found a flaw in my plans and those files: connector housing don’t lock. New versions are being printed at this moment. Hope they solve the issue and I will send new files.

Here are new links to STL-files!AnKIH99XNtqJ8TBUByuH7mE1db7B?e=5mxUGu!AnKIH99XNtqJ8S1iWBP6LRTbQqnn?e=SNpZxz!AnKIH99XNtqJ8S5RPP-unO8IzjZV?e=GVjXy2!AnKIH99XNtqJ8SypL7u8230Dz6SQ?e=0VA9ab