Combining batteries ok?

Hey guys -
Not getting enough power with my one battery: Turnigy High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 alone, but they are backordered so i can’t order a second one.

Can I combine it in series with one of these safely?

Tattu 22.2V 12000mA 15C 6S LiPo Battery Pack with AS150+XT150


I think it would work fine, but I’d put some 6s voltage beepers on both batteries and see if one drains first.

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thanks. what’s a 'voltage beeper?"

I am using these, set to warn at 3.7V

Your batteries are the same capacity and voltage so it should be okay, but the beepers are a good idea if on of your batteries degrades faster than the other.

Connecting different capacities in series is not a good idea. Different capacity batteries can be connected safely in parallel, this video explains it pretty good. (how batteries connected in parallel work)

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