Commence a design

Dear efoilers,

I am new in business and would like to build an efoil. Could you please advise me total cost of an average design?
As I said, I am a starter and i do not know where to start.
I red some of your correspondences which look like an abyss to me.
Is any list of materials to start with?
That’s all fow now.

Thanks a lot!


You can find all files and the BOM of the (I guess) most popular build here. It is pacificmeister’s build.
If you remove duplicate parts from the BOM and add a summation you are at around 1,500$. That is excluding a board, 3D printer or cost for ordered 3D printed parts, and a large enough battery (battery alone can be 500-800$).
So overall you will be at something between 1,500 and 2,500 depending on the design and parts you choose, there are many different ways.

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Benjo / Yiorgos
Is it worthing to spend usd 2000 or buy a chinese one with usd 2500?

I am not aware of any ready made chinese electric hydrofoils, can you give a link? Also I don’t think you can buy one for 2500$ with good quality. eFoils on the market are more around 10,000$, Takuma just teased one that will be 6,000$ which is really “cheap” for an eFoil.

Has anyone tried the APS 83110 an out runner with watecooling?