Commercial battery versus build

I’m planning on building a L-ION battery pack in the future as the detailed instructions on this site are so good, and it looks to be a fun project. But… I’m also interested in commercial off the shelf solutions as well. I have a pretty nice collection of Dewalt tools and I was looking at some replacement batteries online and it got me thinking about using these for this project as well. I can buy 8 20V 6Ah batteries for about $400. I was thinking of designing a case that could hold all 8 running half in parallel and the the other half in series. Thus, I would have a 40V, 24Ah setup running a Flipsky 65161 motor, Flipsky 200A, 60V VESC, ducted 3D printed prop. I’ve got a high lift Naish wing that works well at 8-10 mph and am not real interested in going much faster. I also live on a small lake so I don’t need anything more than 20 min ride times.

Has anybody done this yet? What thoughts do you have on this?

Right now, I’m thinking several things. Advantages are: save build time, avoid issues with LIPO batteries. quick disconnect, multi use function (can use in all power tools to include leaf blower, etc.)
Disadvantages: lower voltage, higher weight.

What am I not thinking about? Thanks! -Marc

Hello. I don’t recommend to go with this kind of battery. For about 500 you can build a self made battery with good form factor for efoil. Please check my instructions here!

I already have your instructions and am using them when I build. THANK YOU!

With that said, why not use something like this? What are the specific downsides?

You don’t know the exact specification of the cells and they have may be a in build bms inside with some.spacifications you don’t know! Samsung 30Q are the best cells for our use in my mind!


Chinese knock-off DeWalt tool packs will have very low quality cells. The e-foil will draw up to 150 amps. With two of those packs in parallel you’d be pulling 75 amps from each pack. I doubt they can handle more the 20a load.

Just bite the bullet and buy Samsung 30Q cells!

Good luck with your build.

I opened up a harbor freight " Bauer 20 volt battery pack yesterday day. I was surprised to see SAMSUNG in a harbor freight tool. Dewalt and Bauer must be made by the same factory. the charging tech is the same. But They are mechaniaclly and electrically keyed so you can not interchange packs.


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Go with the SAMSUNG 30Q.

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