Commercial e-foil prices are coming down!

Not bad for $6,500.

You guys know who’s behind this?

Again something with a more lower price…

It’s good to finally see boards priced more realistically.

Even if we keep building our own, the more products on the market, the larger the aftermarket availability of parts will be!


You get what you pay for. The chinese efoil I got to try in NZ was utterly disappointing. These two dont look any better.

Exactly this! That foil is a re-branded Hisun. It will always be average at best!

Hisun at best is diy level quality. Battery pack will not be UL certified means legally you cannot even ground ship it! And god knows how long they will last!
Best option these days is
They are campaigning and Seems they are accepting preorders to raise funds for mass production. but it is not clear when they will ship or what is their battery or charger specs.

though i also hope prices go down and efoils become more accessible, I would strongly advise against untested products like that. Most of them exist in 1-2 prototype stages with no support and long term tests and no post sales service/repairs. You will buy a peace of plastic and once broken - there will be really hard to ship it back to china

I agree. Best to build one’s own.

Looks like FOIL are taking deposits and aiming for March delivery - $4-7k: Order | Foil

Very curious to see what and when they can deliver - will need to get demo units out there to build confidence in their product

Plus VAT coming into EU…