Commercial self stabilzing hydrofoil

interesting concept, they have 2 axis stabilization

is it anyone from the forum?

Hi Pablo,

Yes, we are! We have been intermittently visiting the forum, probably since its inception.
Regretfully, we couldn’t share much of our work and be active participants, until recently. That was both due to IP considerations as well as exotic development routes we took, that didn’t mature into viable product features. :unamused:
We are delighted to see all the great DIY work people are doing while pushing the limits of design and engineering. Our team comes from a very similar background.

Our “2 axis” control architecture is indeed an interesting concept. It mimics the behavior of an experienced rider by inducing Yaw angular velocity in order to control the Roll angle. Many experienced riders (and engineers) are not aware that this type of dynamic coupling is actually the one that is responsible for their ride stability (in the Roll axis).
We found out this type of architecture has many merits and we believe it will take a big part in the future of electric (and non-electric) Hydrofoiling Mobility.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here or via our website / LinkedIn.

Cheers :sunglasses:

Not much to add, other than congratulations!, the board looks awesome and seems to ride really smooth.

Regarding the coupling, yes, we were discussing it in another thread a few weeks ago. But wouldnt it be the other way round? I mean, I undestand that in your case you apply a yaw moment to stabilize the roll like you describe; but a rider in a passive board will control roll in order to change yaw, just like riding a bycicle without hands.

I’m sure that the board will be a hit among rental places once you start selling it. Best of luck!

Who you going to send one to on the forum for a candid review and comparison to normal efoils? :wink:

“Now anyone can ride an efoil board”

And here comes the legislation and the ruining of our sport in 3… 2… 1…