Compatibility ESC : flier - flipsky - maytech / maytech remote / alien motor

Hello guys

During test session I had a leakage coming from the mast into my suppose waterproof compartment… Actually tube with cables was full of silicone but finally not enough, my box was almost full of water.

It seems I DAMAGE my Flier 300amp, condensators are damaged and I couldn’t start esc anymore

Anyway, my concern now is to find a new ESC compatible with my equipments

I’m using : alien power motor, maytech remote and 14S batterie with an Flier ESC ESC 300amp boat version watercolled.

To replace I was thinking to buy a maytech 300A but does this one is working with alien engine?

Second choice is a flipsky 300A, does this one is compatible with maytech remote V2? Alien power motor?

Last choice is to stay on flier ESC with the 400A model (maybe water proof model with aluminum box around) with this model I have no doubt on the total working package

If people can share their. Electronic package compliant all together it would be very nice, because I was lost. In the forum to grab such information and I think I’m 'ot the only one!


I had the flier 400a waterproof ESC and it worked great with my 80100 alien motor! I can’t speak for the maytech/flipsky 300a ESC but it seems like people are only having problem with flier ESC and flipsky/maytech motor. To my knowledge, nobody had issues with alien power motors! It is a good idea to verify that before buying though! You shouldn’t have a compatibility problem with the remote as it is a fairly standard receiver!

Thanks vic for your feedback, I fully agree with your choice the flier ESC 400a waterproof is in the top of my list

Second position is held by the maytech esc for the capability to use it with more info with the remote and if one day I move to a gear box engine

Vic, I read somewhere you had to deal with flier support, m’i right, how was the experience?

Sorry, I just read your answer, forget the point!

Tu es d ou ?

I’m from Quebec, Canada but I live in Florida now! I did reach out to Flier’s customer service which is very responsive and helpful. You can also consider the VESC 75/300 but it is much more expensive.

Read, in several post the trampa vesc 75/300 was not powerful enough to push the efoil and lift, is it correct?

Otherwise I may consider it but I would prefer to stay on flier model

Haha, where did you read this ? This esc is suitable for powers up to 20kW. You might even drive a boat with it !
Do you have any idea of your max amp ? Otherwise I would just advise you to go on VESC based controller like the flipsky vesc 200A, already tested with a 80100 on the forum.

Lift is using Flying Rodeo’s motor. Those are rated 5kW peak. You have moooooooore than enough power to drive them with trampa’s VESC 6+ :smiley:

My bad, I will consider this model only price is a bit killing

Go for this one, if you have the 80100. I am also going this route.

I checked flipsky 200a, they only support up to 12S and I have 14s

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Hi @efoilbuilsmylife

Have you posted your build? I see a few posts you have made saying how reliable the maytech remote and motor and speed control is.

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy for you that you have had good success with you maytech parts. :crossed_fingers:But, many forum members have not had the same experience you have.

The quality control of their remote is terrible. Have you opened your up and looked at the internals? Are you using it in salt water?

Sounds like you got the remote, ESC, motor, and prop combo? Did you get the motor with the crappy shaft with the cheap prop with the pin holding it on? You can’t use a FR prop on that motor.

Maytech charges way too much for their motor and speed controllers. But, I agree the maytech remote is really the only game in town right now. However, I would be very cautious to rave about how good it is. More so, take it apart and do some DIY improvements to it before you get it wet.

Just me opinion, based on my personal experience.

I was looking for details of your build and couldn’t find it.

Please share.




I do understand that maytech might bé a good range but their réputation IS not as good, sera some feedback one thé remote contrôler.

I do agree with remote which seems a good product but After one navigation LCD shows some humidity… So finally not as good as i coule imagine for such Price…
For their engine ans ESC , i dont believe in their product ans support After sale(my own opinion), but of course some build will work perfecly. Last point, they are resellers and they are a bit expansive.

Finally I baught the waterproof ESC 400A from flier , i already had thé 300A , knowing product ans settings I felt more confortable & i wouldn’t invest in other Brand.

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Hi, Does your ESC flier work with a maytech engine? will ESC update help? I have engine MTI 120116 HA-SF 200KV and ESC Flier 400KV. maytech warns that it will not be safe …



I’m going to buy a flipsky engine , not maytech

According to their website, Flipsky don’t offer threaded shafts anymore (HGLTECH do but for how long ?). Keep us posted if you can still get one.

Any updates on the topic Maytech/Flipsky with a Flier ESC?

Hi, which alien motor do you have with your flier esc 300? Is it waterproof? Is it similar power than maytech? Dimension of propeller? I have flier 300 with maytech motor 65162 120kv and dont work fine. Cant find a good firmware. Thanks