Complete Custom Efoil, Carbon Fiber, Plus tons of extras

Custom built working prototype/project efoil. Carbon fiber layup. Brand new motor. Will come with a bunch of spare parts. I built it last year, used it all summer last year. Still have not used it this year and is taking up space in my shop. Have a ton of pictures on my Instagram of the build, @MFDangle

Flier 400 amp esc, flipsky 120kv motor (brand new), may tech waterproof remote. 2- 20000mAh batteries, 2- 14,000mAh batteries. Both lipos. Have extra, remote, not waterproof, extra esc, extra power supply, 2 extra anti spark switches, extra props. The motor mount/nosecone is machined aluminum. Slingshot 36 inch mast and slingshot foil, have spare 24 inch mast.

Located in Lindstrom MN 55045. Asking $6000