Complete E-foil with FR setup on Gong foil, 14S12P Lition battery

Hi everybody,

I am selling complete E-foil. The whole package include:

  • Board 190x65, self- made from carbon- kevlar
  • Esc Flier 400A with passive water cooling
  • 7Amps charger
  • Battery 14S12P 60V 35Ah, self made in waterproof box from panasonic 2,9Ah 18650 cells
  • Remote from Alien power
  • hydrofoil Gong 65cm with M wing and FR motor setup

I have been using it since July 2019, and tested for about 20h, mainly in the sea.
The board is more of a raw look but it works great.

The price for complete efoil is 3100€+ shipping.
If anybody is interested, can contact me on PM for more information.
I am located in Slovenia, Europe.

Hi, is this still available?

Hi Jimb07,
Yes it is. Are you interested?

hello ser
battery size please.