Complete efoil for sale (modified pm system, new motor, revised gearbox, new batteries) 3400 euros

Hello everyone!
I’m selling my efoil, modified Pacific Meister based. I started the project almost at the launch of the forum with a first board and propulsion unit, and like everyone here spend so many hours on the project to have a final version I enjoyed during one year. But as I have now much more work than before (and therefore less time but more budget) I want to move to a commercial version with 0 maintenance.

I just changed the motor for a new one, did a complete revision of the gearbox (new grease, new bearings, etc), and 2 brand new lipo Turnigy 16000mah 62 12c batteries are coming in a few days. I’m 74kg and the board has more than enough power, I ride at 60% almost all the time.

You can find pictures and a video of me riding it (60% power) here: and

Here are some specs:
SSS 56104 500KV 6 pole brushless motor (new)
Neugart PLE 40 5:1 (totally revised by me)
Carbon board with waterproof compartment with 2 waterproof boxes for electronics + batteries
Liquid Force Rocket Foil V2 (mast and wings). I cut the mast at 80cm
Aluminium Seal Mount part
Aluminium Thust Bearing Mount part
PLA + resin fiber propeller
PLA + resign fiber clamp system (with 3 waterproof cable glands)
Watercooled swordfish 300a esc
Maytech remote + car key remote to activate the water pump
New Turnigy 16000mah 6s 12c lipo batteries (on the pictures there is my old graphene batteries)

I’m based in Neuchâtel Switzerland and my price is 3400 euros.

Hi, is this Efoil still available?

Hi! No sorry it’s sold!