Complete Efoil for Sale

Selling my DIY efoil. I have 2 efoils in possession and don’t have any use or time for the third one. You can find my build log here for the board and here for the remote.

The remote is experimental and I will prefer to not sell it means you will need to buy a remote or take the free one I will provide no support for the remote since I have no time.

propulsion: .
The Motor is 100kv
Prop is Flying Rodeo

Cells: 14s14p with LG HG2 cells and probably has only 4,5 cycles on it.

BMS: It comes with experimental BMS, built in fuse and protection. Although I have done lots of tests on battery pack but I take no responsibility. Consider it a free item coming with a deal. Means buyer is responsible to decide to use the experimental BMS or replace it with his/her own BMS. BMS can charge with any charger that can provide Constant current/constant voltage charging. I can add 1.5kw charger which communicate over CAN. This charger won’t work without Custom can messages which if someone wants to adopt to his/her BMS I can share the CAN and charging code

Box: is 3D printed glassed with 2mm ALU plate at one side for thermals.

Board: is 5.6" bought from China seems the same manufacturer of Nexus efoil boards. The hatch is sealed but I am not happy with it. I would do it again and will take similar approach to lift boards wit the same sealing o-ring.

I will let go for $2500. It will make a great winter project with little work. It is way below the parts price I leave the math to the buyer Feel free to reach out if there is any questions. Available for Pickup at south California.