Complete efoil surfboard for 1700$ ! scam?


Payment: Western union
Port: Izmir
Place of origin: France

Looks suspicios to me

A Turkish company, established a few months ago selling a French product on a Chinese site ?
The product is a Hisun one… which also manufactures Dolsey (Germany) and Waviator (USA/IL) sold at … 6000usd
If you ask for the address, one of the 20 Frenchmen present here can go and check the product …

This Turkish company offers incredible products at a third of the retail price:
500usd instead of 1490eur = 1670usd :star_struck:

ok i see. FULL SCAM

thanks guys !

Avoid payment type like WesternUnion. No buyer protection.
Also, if it looks too good to be true, it probably isnt true :slight_smile: