Complete efoil unit with the perfect Jell Motor

I sell a complete unit with the bullet proof Jell Motor, from peter Jell (see content in builders forum) the motor is super strong and comes with alloy prop and printed duct and front covers… It´s on a slingshot mast with CNC milled Mastplate. The motor is with sensor cable but I used it only without sensor. With Trampa VESC in BLDC mode it has massive power… Used to fly with about 30Amps at 25 km/h.
The motor has about 5hours total, and the motor looks like new. The mast was used before with a 65152 maytech motor, but this died after 5hours riding due water getting in…The Jell motor is germany highest build quality from Peter Jell and you can`t get it anymore… see photos
would sell all at Christmas Special of about 950€

And here you find instruction of mounting motor as well…
Jell Motor Mount instruction

What’s the reason why you want to sell this nice motor?

to many efoil builds now… Getting the new manta efoil-board now and need some money for it… As the above motor is very powerful I always wanted to use it behind the boat or as e-surfer too , but did not find time to use it. So now selling it, and someone who just starts DIY will be lucky with it. Basically you just need to modify a board and electronics and then your ready to go…

ave you sold this?