Complete Electrical Part for Build (Pacificmeister Style)


I am selling parts to do your own Foil. See picture below:

Seaking 130A
SSS Motor 56104
Parker Gearbox 10:1
Remote transmitter + Receiver
Other Mechanical Part.

3D design available.

Reasonable price accepted. Ship from Canada, Pick-up/Shipping is arranged by the buyer.

What is the price / province?

All complete set for 250 CAN (aound 200 USD), from Quebec Province.

Interested! In Canada as well (Meaford). Happy with the price and to pay for shipping. Do you have a BOM of everything here? Let me know if you’d like to move forward and how we should do so. Thanks!

Hi @NickBee … I can etransfer you 270 CAD, and email you a prepaid UPS or CanadaPost mailing label in pdf. Please PM me.

Can I buy your esc if it’s still for sale? I live in Illinois USA I’ll pay shipping

Sorry… thanks for asking… sold

All parts Sold… thanks for your interest! Have a good success in tour project!