Components for eFoil Build - need Help

Hey guys,

I am just short for ordering all components at Flipsky. Currently, there is a sale if you buy several things or sets. There were already better offers, but I think that fits.

Soft shaft would you take? Split pin?

I’m leaning towards 120kv with VX3 remote. Should fit?!

As for the ESC, the 75200 with water cooling should actually do it. However, the 75300 is only $40 extra. What do you guys think!!?

Does the Bluetooth module make sense? If so, V4 or V6?

Which Anti Spark Switch would you take?

And last but not least. Did I forget anything? :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Thank you in advance :blush:


Article on vesc4 vs vesc6

I ordered 120 threaded shaft
75200 water cooled
1.5m Vx3 antennae
Bluetooth for V4

Sometimes you add individual items to your cart and come up with a better deal than the “Group” kit

The Bluetooth module lets you use a smartphone or tablet to wirelessly configure vesc and do on the water data logging.
You can configure using a computer via usb so the Bluetooth is a convenience not a necessity.
There are other methods of logging data METR for example.

I like it as I can have an old phone in a waterproof bag with me at the shore. Personal choice

I wouldn’t bother trying to use the included Flipsky prop as it’s too big. Look on forum for alternate prop choices. I got a Flite prop and am very happy with it.

If you order motor separately you may be able to save the cost of the prop and just don’t buy it.


I would skip the antispark cost and use a precharge resistor instead.

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Thank you very much for all the information :slight_smile:
I will make a post of my build later.

Powering through the BMS works as well. That way the you can use the switch on the BMS to turn the system on and off.

The ANT or JBD bms at 130amp rating seems to work quite well and have a pre-charge feature built in.

Do they? I think my ANT BMS don’t have one, though it was some years since i used it now.
I think they have a switch but that the on/off current isn’t regulated, (means the current spike is there but you don’t notice it, it can still hurt the ESC)

I switched to LLT BMS due to issues with the ants

What waterproof plugs are you using? Im also starting a build and struggling to find waterproof plugs that aren’t very big . Good luck.