Components guide for DIY eFoil

Thanks for the advice. I won’t redo the battery yet. I’ll try the simplest and laziest way. And perhaps in the future I will do something else with this battery.

Interesting! Thank you.

Thanks a lot! It turns out that some water-cooled VESCs have a heatsink. I thought they were waterproof because they had that word in their marketing name.

What is the difference between these two?
Why is the first one cheaper, although it has a higher voltage?
Why doesn’t the second one has thin wires?

Bought a VESC - Flipsky 75200 84V with Water Cooling Enclosure for $144 from Amazon (-$16.00 coupon)
And a remote for $73

I bought a Naish setup with a 1600 foil and a 75 cm aluminum mast for cheap.

The previous owner was unable to remove seized bolts holding the mast to the mast base and sold it as defective. I tried to unscrew them and broke my Torx bit. They are completely stuck.

Soak in corrosion x for 24 hrs. Then soak in boiling water for about 10 minutes, and then try to remove them.


There is probably no need to remove the plate. In pictures on the internet I see that this plate is always attached to the mast. I think it is glued and not removable.

may need to remove the plate to pass motor wires. also try what Jezza mentioned but use an inpact drill with torx bit

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No need, because I already drilled a hole in the plate for the wires.


To pass the motor wires might need a guide.

there is not much info, how big is your motor wire cut on lower mast?
it must be larger than the wire diamiter to allow the wire to pass. Meaning I would like to do it again with a diferentt motor without damage to wires. I have not seen a lot of info wish there was more

It hasn’t been cut yet.

I bought the ESC for $13 a month ago, but now it’s $10.79 on sale. :frowning:

wow that was a deal. Not available now. flipsky site $176usd

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Pavel, if you had to do it over, which battery would you purchase? I’ve bought the same components as you, but really lost as to what to do with the battery pack.

Have you receive your vesc yet ? I placed an order via Walmart, price comes to $11.8 0 total. But it feels like a scam.