Configurable Chargers

I’ve recently purchased a number of LiFePO4 cells for a new battery pack and I’m looking for a configurable charger that will let me set the end voltage so they won’t be run right up to 3.65v every time I charge.

So far the easy solution I’ve found is the Satiator:

-Very configurable with screen on unit
-Has multiple presets if I make more batteries
-Well documented
-Not made in china / from alibaba

-Only up to 360w charging

The other option I’ve been considering is the Meanwell NPB series chargers. Either the NPB-450-48 or the NPB-750-48.

-Up to 750w charging
-Can buy from companies with stock in the US (mouser) / well known brand
-$205 (+$67)

-No display
-Only rudimentary settings via dip switches
-Full charge curve programming locked behind CANbus interface with their SPB-001 ($67)

Can anyone here reccomend either of these? Do you have a better/less expensive charging solution for a 20s LiFePO4 setup?

I’ve used a satiator for some years, got tired of buying multiple low quality chargers that had noisy fans, smelled burnt or even started smoking while charging. The Satiator on the other hand is a really good piece of kit.

I think it’s totally worth the price and recommended if you have several different voltage systems that can be charged using a Satiator. An advantage is it’s IP rated, good for that emergency charge outdoors.

If you only plan on using it for one voltage then I would probably buy it anyway but then with the main benefit of having a quality product - but you might buy 5 other chargers for the same price so it depends on what you can spend.

The low wattage is not an issue for me, i normally charge during the night. If you want it for a quick charge it’s probably too slow.

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