Configure a FSESC Flipsky 75200 75V

I am looking for some information or a tutorial to configure my VESC 75 / 200A with vesc tools on an 80100 motor without an 80 KV sensor, if anyone can help me, thank you very much

This might help.
It did for me

Kian, to you and any forum member…
When I click on your link I get the ' page/link, that is the sub- forum, should it be from Chrome or Firefox.
I have this path conversion issue since the Foilzone forum creation: any foilzone link included in a post points to the efoil-buiders/all sub-forum.

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Yup same here. I have flagged the issue a few times, but no fix yet. The mods always say they’ll look into it. This is probably not the correct place to discuss it, but it’s important to discuss, since it reduces the user experience significantly.

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I have the same, however when I edit the message I do see the correct url.

Let’s test this (now the url is quoted)

VESC Tool thread - how to program


Works perfectly

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