Connecting YEP 20A UBEC to MayTech Receiver

I need to connect my YEP 20A UBEC to my MayTech receiver but I am struggling to know what wire goes where

It has two of these wires coming out of it

Need to know where they attach on here

If anyone has used this combo let me know how you connected it and or post a pic

Many thanks


The two wires twisted are two sets of output , I didn’t connect my Maytech receiver but I think you don’t need that , power on batt ( from the battery itseft) and ground on ground system , no need of a Ubec
But if someone can confirme that …

Another case you will need a split wire to connect the esc ppm wires with the ubec on the receiver , but first connect battery + on batt and ground , and check if you have a +5v on the ppm pin on the receiver on if the esc power if plug on the ppm 3 pins ( with the power wires connected on the same battery ) :thinking:

Thanks, I am using a Maytech 300A Opto esc and was advised id need a Ubec/sbec

I found this video which seems to mirror what you are suggesting in the second part of your message

Also took this screen grab if a maytech video

So may use that as a guide

Yes , high voltage esc which need power supply on the ppm wires from ubec ( so use of the vesc which doesn’t need one )
Classic Y wire found at hobbyking or you can cut one from something else and add it on you esc ppm wires