Connection between controller and receiver

Hi, I tested my efoil the first time at this weekend but I had problems with the connection between controller and receiver. I use the well-known Maytech MTSKR1905WF… Receiver is inside a waterproof box. Antenna (1 Meter) is outside of it but inside the board (waterproof). I have no connection problems on land but as soon I go inside the water and the board pushed under it (max 5-20cm when I try to make bodydrag) the connection breaks. Do you also have this problem or an idea what it may be?

This is normal and related to the 2.4GHz signal that is attenuated by water. Try to install the antenna in the front part of the board that stays above water level when pushing the back under water during launch.

In the instructions there was a range of 1 meter in the water … I immediately thought that this is not true.