Connections explained to a dumm newbie

Can someone help me with connecting Maytech waterproof remote V2 receiver and Maytech 300A OPTO ESC? Here is the wiring diagram.

I know I have to connect three wires (brown, red and yellow in one connector) coming from the ESC to receiver ports marked GND, 5V and PWM_T. But I should also connect power from ubec to receiver. And here come the questions:
Do I disconnect the middle red wire and replace it with positive from ubec?
Do I connect a negative from ubec parallel to brown ground wire to receiver?

And one extra, not related to powering the receiver:
Can I use receiver’s relay connection to power watercoolingpump? And this starts the waterpump at the same time when remote is paired with the receiver?

If you’re using the maytech OPTO ESC then you would wire it exactly as that diagram shows.

Maybe I don’t understand your question. Are you asking how to read that wiring diagram?

As far as the water pump. I suggest not using a water pump. It’s not needed. A hole in the nose cone provides plenty of water pressure.


You could use the relay connection for the waterpump, i think it’s a good idea to use one because the water inlet on the nose cone is dependant on speed

You don’t need to connect the black wire from the bec parallel to the brown one. as far as i know they are shorted together through the esc to the battery negative.
Most esc’s provide 5v to the receiver from the red wire.I don’t know about the maytech, if it’ says on the connection diagram to change that with the red wire then you probably should do that

At the slowest speed my wing will foil (7-10mph) I get plenty of water flow without a pump. I initially thought I needed a pump too. Nope. There is a reason Lift does not use a water pump.

Just sharing my experience. I think keeping the design as simple as possible is the key to success. I mean, we are already trying to cram 40 lbs of crap into a tiny enclosure. :rofl:


I have the seal 300 Opto.
I just sliced the wires and added power from the 5v ubec. The ground is already there, but i connected it anyhow.

the diagram makes it look complicated but its not. Take the longer of the 2 3core cables from the seal 300 (short ones for the programing card you wont need)

separate the wired half way up the cable but keep the connector on it.
pull back a little of the coating to reveal some wire on the red and black wires, Solder black and red from the UBEC. Cover with some shrink tube.

Connect the connector to the RX. power on.
PM me if you need a photo


I connected 1 lead from one of the Motor cables (any one will do)
And 1 cable from the battery +

This send the battery % remain and the RPM to the Remote screen.

Big thanks for all of you. I knew I would get the answers from this forum. The receiver works now and it paired with the remote right away.

can someone help me with how to connect maytech remote to seaking 130hv? because of corona i wont get my ubec in a while so i thinking of using batteries it possible and how?

I used this last year on my built

The receiver needed 3 things: signal from the ESC, 5V positive and ground. In my opinion you can use batteries to generate that 5V needed.
I don’t know seakings connections, so I can’t help you more.

But in my opinion the most ESCs and VESCs have 5V.

3 wires connection have:

Most hv esc don’t have this 5-6v supply for receiver , if you don t have anything less , yes you can power the receiver with this , classic AAA or AA cell like we did 30 years ago

Is ground needs to be commun or used a splitter and just take off the 5-6v of the esc , that I don’t know …

I just received my new Maytech remote and also have the Seaking ESC. I am getting power to the receiver using SBEC but have not been able to make the remote work. The wiring diagram is a real challenge to me. I do not think this will be a plug and play. Hopefully, someone will have a simple solution. My new board is almost done and I will share it on the build section.

Did you calibrate the throttle like in the instructions below.

I will have to revisit this. I used it last year with other remotes. Thanks for getting me in the right direction. The receiver is a lot different from what I had been using.

Also, just to confirm. The brown wire is negative, red positive and yellow is the signal wire. I used a Y cable like this to make connecting the UBEC easy.