Convert stl to dxf

Does anyone have the ability to convert stl files to dxf for machining. I have tried in fusion but the files will not open after. I have 3 files I need converted. Thanks!

You can use freecad if the STL is not too large.

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I just open the STL in Fusion and then generate a public link. From the public link you can choose DXF as a download option. You might need to go into Patch and convert some of the textures first.

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Thats what I did but when I download it as a dxf it wont open. The odd thing is with other members files I can save them as a dxf and they work fine. The only thought I had was that I did not create them in fusion so maybe that is the issue. Currently downloading freecad to give it a go. Thanks

These are the files

Tried Freecad with no luck. They saved but would not open

You could try…

  1. Open in Fusion 360, go to Patch > Modify > Mesh > Mesh to BRep and see if that helps on export.
  2. Re-creating those files in Fusion 360. Especially that prop since it looks like the PM parametric one. That would be the best for working with this forum and adjusting anything you need like hole sizes.
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That seemed to do it. Thanks for the information.

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