Converting a 36” lift mast with a motor

Happy foiling guys! I was wondering if it could be done? My 32” blank mast has the same width as my efoil mast, the blank must be hollow right?I know someone with a 28” propulsion unit laying anti may be able to use for parts. I know I would have to lengthen the wires and water cooling hose along with drill a couple holes. Is there anything I’m missing?

Also inspired by @Flightjunkie to maybe make a high motor mount version

It may but lift hasn’t always been known to have the stiffest mast in the industry. It can be more pronounced with added weight in the board with the efoil components. Maybe look into a cedrus mast? I think flightjunkie or another member converted that mast. Plus it’ll give you options to use whatever foil you want because of universal adaptors.

I’m debating this too, did you ever drill into the lift mast?

No, I put a pin in the project. I did hear about a 36” efoil mast from a friend but I haven’t visited him to see what it’s all about

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