Corrosion X alternative

I can not found this product in my country (Switzerland) Is there an good alternative? I was thinking of WD40… or another silicone spray

Mineral oil is what most of the commercial boards seem to be using. I have been testing it on the motor materials for about a year now, and so far none of the seals/wires/bushings etc have degraded. Therefore I would recommend using mineral oil. You can get pure and cheap mineral oil from any pharmacy.

you guys filling motor with corrosionX never had issues? I found it really degassing when the motor get warm, to a point I could see bubble coming out of the motor seals. I’m using sewing mineral oil now.

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Hi, a comparison test of fluids similar to Corrosion X

Not cheap but you can get it from here:

Crc 6-66 marine, wuerth corrosion… I am using it more than half year…

I poured it in, coated the internals and then drained it… That way you have the coating and protection without any added resistance or issues with silicone cables…

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CorrosionX is nice stuff when it comes to coating, but if you’re going to submerge the entire thing anyways any non conductive, thin oil will do as they are all anti corrosive in nature. No need for it to be expensive or fancy as long as it is non viscous (thin), non conducting oil.

However, you do need certain oils when it comes to lubricating bearings, when the balls in a bearing actually slip (wrong oil) they break down really quickly as well.

Thank you for all your replies, I appreciate
I wanted more to protect the electronic than to avoid corrosion.
Like in the video below

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