Corrosion X suppliers

I am looking for Corrosion X suppliers in Europe and more specifically in France. I cannot find any that can deliver quickly,
Any tips/link ?

Thanks a lot !

I’m in the Netherlands and ordered from the shop modelshopleeds on Ebay (link: )

(link to product: )
I received it 5 days later.

Maybe this is an option for you too?

I’ve done some research and ACF-50 looks like a good alternative and more available in Europe

I’ve ordered Corrosion X from modelshopleeds (eBay seller) but he declined the order for faulty stock a month ago.


When I open my FR motor it had what looked like, felt like, and smelled like mineral oil in it. I drained it out and filled it with corrosionX.

However, mineral oil would accomplish the same thing as corrosionX. I’m sure it has less of the additives to prevent corrosion that corrosionX has. But, your motor and electronics should be safe if they are submerged in mineral oil just the same.

I buy corrosionX locally from a industrial supply store called Grainger. I get a gallon for $90. I have been successful using it for years, so I’m just sticking with what works. But, if you can’t get it, or want something cheaper, try mineral oil.

Here is an article about it. Plenty on information online to do some reading. The link they provide you can get 2 gallons for $40. Similar products might be more available for you locally.


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Thanks a lot, I found a way via

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Who could say me where i could find corrosion x in europe or better in France ?

Thanks at all.

I bought it here some weeks ago:

Regards !

Thanks. A new challenge : I don’t speak spanish. :joy:

Ordered from them and received

Ordered from them, still on its way, but that’s pretty normal these days, after brexit the post from UK to EU has been extremely slow, at leats basis on what i have ordered.

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Anyone tested CRC 6-66 Marine, wonder would it be an alternative to Corrosion X?

Yes, I am using it, as well as wuerth corrosion spray. After reading data sheet where is said that is safe for most plastic and rubber I did my own test, and after that I filled it in to motor. I am using wuerth from November in my first 65161 and crc marine about two months in my second build so far no problems. The difference is that wuerth will slightly dry over time but crc 6-66 not. It’s low (edit:high) viscosity oil. Can be on open and wont dry. This is so far my experience but I am still experimenting. I will see what will happen till the end of summer…
Edit: by mistake I wrote high viscosity. Crc 6-66 is ligh low viscosity oil.

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Thanks, really useful info! I can source 6-66 locally whereas corrosion X not. will do some comparison at some stage on bare metal when the X finally arrives.

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Remember that some fluids like CRC 3-36 are not compatible with silicone, and they will eat through the cable shielding. Mineral oil is a safe option.

OK, assume if using engine oil then we need as low viscosity oil as possible to reduce efficiency loss, maybe 0w16 would be thin enough? But that is as synthetic, don know how it will affect silicone, maybe ok?

Not specifically engine oil, just mineral oil from a local pharmacy. Its very low viscosity stuff. Cheap and doesn’t have any of the additives motor oil would have.

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Crc has lot of different products, according to data sheet crc 6-66 is safe for plastic, rubber and so on while crc 3-36 is not…I filled in the bottle, crc6-66, rubber and silicone wire several months and there is no change on both of them. While lithium grease and WD spray dissolving them… If I notice any problems with my motor I will let you know…

And crc 3-36 is more for metal protection… And in datasheet there’s no mention that is applicable for electric and cables as it is case with crc 6-66


The bottle was lost in transit…never got it. Waited so long that forgot about it…:slight_smile: However RC Yachts customer service was excellent and they sent a new one, tracked this time. All free of charge. 10+ service.

I used to order a lot of stuff from UK, now i don’t, not only the VAT but also postage is not what it used to be, a pity.

I bought mine from here:

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