CorrosionX as dielectric fluid?

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Yes, it is possible. I hope, everything works well. I try it with 5V

For my Flier ESC I run the water pump off the 5v output from a BEC that also power’s the maytech receiver. Water flow is enough. No issues.

I would think the 75/300 VESC 5v output would also work good. Please let us know.


Not so easy to find Corrosion X within some areas of EU. Found this, reasonable price as also delivery cost:

An they ship to a lot of locations.


@XSailor True, couldn’t find even a single place that sells Corrosion X in Israel, none.
Ordered directly from their US website, took about a 3 weeks to arrive, amazing product.

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I got it from here (Europe - Germany) 3 spray cans.

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