CorrosionX as dielectric fluid?

Wild idea but as they say its dielectric, wonder would it work as a dielectric fluid? Mainly thinking about the ESC, that many have heat problems. Not using the condensation technique(like for the 3M stuff) but keeping the ESC in the fluid and possible adding cooling slings for water cooling cooling down the CorrosionX . Standard Water cooling for the ESC would remain. Maybe exploding if getting to hoot?

Still thinking about cooling ESC by keeping it in some dielectric fluid. Any other well known dielectric fluid/substance than can be easily purchased in reasonable qty( litre or so) within Europe? 3M have a product but that is super expensive…other options?

ATF fluid? If you look closely, you will see a fan inside as well. This is a Aquastar 240 ESC I used few years ago, in a modified 150cc scooter.

We make biodegradable, food grade dielectric coolants. I have cooled ESC,s and motors before!! I am about to start a build on an immersion cooled efoil. I would be happy to send you some used fluid or you can order some online. . We have one with added lubricant specifically for use in electric motors as well…


Can I actually spray CorrosionX into the windings and electrical connections of a motor?
It is written here in the forum that some people spray EVERYTHING electrical with it. I’m a little scared …


My $600 75/300 VESC is submerged in 2 inches of corrosionX inside a waterproof aluminum box. I have been using corrosionX for years. You can submerge circuit boards in it, batteries, motors. Anything electrical. Just be careful with natural rubber like butyl rubber, It will melt. But it is super safe on plastics and rubber. All sealed motors should be at least half full of this stuff. Is cools the motor, lubricates the bearings, provides corrosion protection, and waterproofs everything even if some water gets in. Circuit boards are pretty much 100% waterproof with a coating of corrosionX, but it could wash off, or wear off with time so I suggest two coats of conformal coating first, then corrosionX after that dries.

I have never had a failure doing this.


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I did a similar thing to a 200A turningy ESC i used to run. I submerged it in mineral oil inside a waterproof case and then circulated that oil using a pump through a heat exchanger I made from 2 aluminum PC cooling blocks with heatsinks glued to them using thermal epoxy.


It took a fair amount there…

I’m building a waterproof box for my Vesc. Under this aluminum box, I build a water cooling system that is fed by a self-priming pump. The water pump should also be packed in its own waterproof box if water comes through the large lid. Should I actually spray the CorrosionX over the Vesc, into the contacts and over the receiver of the Maytec remote control? In the box are also my AS150 connectors with 52V! I bought 2 spray cans, but I don’t trust myself … For me, liquids are always conductive …

Google this: BXQINLENX Aluminum Water Cooling Block for CPU Graphics Radiator Heatsink 87x 171X17mm. Someone shared this watercooling block a while back and I bought for my vesc 75/300! It is the perfect size and it works very well! This will be much simpler than your DIY box!

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wow, that`s realy cheap! But it is three hours too late…
I just added my cooler. I hope it will work. Despite thanks for your advice

Alright well if it leaks, you know what to do :wink:

My 75/300 VESC is submerged in corrosionX within it’s waterproof box. I filled the box untill the corrosionX was up to the top of the VESC and stopped there because I was worried about Bluetooth signal range if it was too deep. My Bluetooth reception is good with this setup.

If you think this is an evil prank to get you to destroy your VESC for my amusement…it’s not! :rofl:

I’m happy to take pictures of mine on my next day off.


Don’t mess around with building your own heat sink. Just buy one. They are cheap!

So many sizes available online.

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I use one of these water blocks for both of my vescs in my dual drive setup and works perfectly. Temperatures never get above 50 degrees.

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already done…


Oh wonderful, when the water splashes …
But the flow rate is actually far too high. I have the Vesc 75/300, can I take the 5 volt connection and attach the receiver and also the water pump?

You could, assuming the pump doesn’t draw too many amps! There is also a 12v plug on the vesc 75/300. However, I’ve been running my set up without a water pump and it works great. With speed, I get a decent flow running through my heat sink. Therefore, there is no need for a waterpump. Also, in the event that some tubing disconnects or starts leaking, a water pump could fill up your waterproof compartment pretty quickly.