Could I use LifePo4 instead of Li-Po battery on eFoil?

I am building an eFoil with a Flipsky 65161 (120KV) motor and an FSESC 75350 (4-20s). I have a question for experts: Could I use four or five series-connected LifePo4 12-volt 10 Ah batteries instead of two 6s Li-Po 10000mAh batteries? I’ve noticed people commonly use Li-Po batteries, but I’ve also read that LifePo4s are more durable. I’ve already acquired all the parts and tested the motor with a variable power supply, but I haven’t purchased the batteries yet. I’m seeking expert advice before investing in them, as they are quite expensive.


I wouldn’t recommend lifepo4 for an efoil, their main advantage is a long cycle life but i doubt many of us ride more than 50 times per year. This means cycle life of the lithium cells isn’t a thing that has high priority.

The disadvantage of the lifepo4 is a low energy density, which forces you to have a larger and heavier battery than necessary to get range. There’s a huge benefit in keeping the weight of your efoil to a minimum, both for the fun riding and for the hauling around.


Plus you need higher S (more cells in series) to get to the same voltage you get with LiIon cells. Nominal voltage is 3.2 vs 3.6 for LiIon.


Thank you @Larsb & @sat_be

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