Couldn’t find much information about this Kedean Motor

Fully Waterproof Brushless High power Sensorless Motor with Propeller for Efoil Hydrofoil Metal propeller second generation

Was just wondering if anyone tried this or has an opinion on it. Because it looks for me like a ready to use, simple motor combo with okay stats.

I think no one has test it , look ok but if you take the numbers in the graph ( probably a static test) , you see the max rpm going from 4900 to 2800… so around 40% drop for not much amp (?) …

My guess : it would work but the top speed would disappointed

You can get 65161 motor type with flite prop , file are here for the mast mount … even cheaper : proven to work


Yeah probably the best

New link Rev2: 136-75
How to determine the kv ?
Loaded : 13s (56.4v) 46kg of thrust at 4630W @2803rpm = 51kv ?
No load kv = 4914/56.4 = 90kv ?

Yes good thrust but low speed 13s: can we go 14s ?
2803rpm x7x0.0254/60*3.6 = 24.9 kmph no slip x 0.8 = 20kmph realistic

The prop ref/spec has been erased:

@SoEFoil as far as I know the KV does not change with load vs no load, so the no load KV is the KV.

Your loaded calc should use the KV to work out the motor amps and or motor volts at that loaded RPM that the ESC is trying to deliver, so using your example, 2803 rpm @ 91KV is 30V and if you say the power is 4630W then your motor will draw 154Amps in that loaded case. The supply from your battery will be 82Amps

Thanks. In fact, at 2803rpm, you have 100% of the 54.6V that’s why I wrote 2803/54.6 = 51kv.