Crazyfoil Jet Track 2020

As I research and acquire parts for my first powered build, I have been scouring the net trying to find different options.

I came across this one in another thread, and just had to order one and try it:

I am as skeptical as anyone, but the main reason I was willing was, the price, the fact that it comes with two wing sizes, and to help the community since others seemed interested. I could find their old canard design come up under discussion on various boards, but really couldn’t get any info about this new, re-engineered version. So, here I am serving as a guinea pig and will do my best to report my findings to community here. Please note I have no affiliation and paid full price for this unit.

I am quite hopeful that this foil will perform much better for wave/wake surfing than the liquid force setup I have been riding the past 3 years. The LF is just too fast and a little too twitchy for what I am looking to do next.

The crazyfoil package arrived this weekend and I have to say so far I am impressed - especially for the price. It does seem to be a bit heavier than I would prefer, but I don’t think it makes a ton of sense to be too much of a weight weanie with efoil setups. I do have some concerns about the mount which I will detail below and it came with the box a little torn up and a bolt missing.

If it proves to ride well and be durable behind the boat, I think it just might make a great candidate for efoils and will try to use it for my electric build. This may open up a new path that I haven’t seen anyone take yet on this board. I have long thought that big brand foil names are a little too proud of their products as reflected by their pricing models. In water and action sports we pay top dollar to be beta testers of products that are rushed to market and get leapfrogged in a single season or two all too often. I will be thrilled if this product just holds up and flys with stability and decent handling at 4-5mphs slower than my current foil.

Here are the details:
-65cm mast
It appears to have quite a bit of room for running phase wires and water cooling tubing in the middle. It is symmetric in shape which seems to be less common from what I have seen with mast designs. I need to pull apart my LF foil and see how the sidewall thicknesses of the masts compare. I hope it is strong enough for the extra forces that motor weight, thrust, and crash physics will provide in an efoil setup. I have seen some people have bent Gong masts already. O_o
-2 main wings
Both are much larger than my LF wing. They appear to be some kind of very dense composite. They have very little flex and are heavier than they look.
Made out of solid aluminum it appears. If anything this piece looks bomb proof and may be overly strong compared to the rest.
Of the whole setup, this part gives me the only real anxiety about durability for the project. It appears to be a similar plastic polymer to the wingset instead of aluminum. I did note that the fit between the mast and mast mount seems to be much tighter than my old LF one that is likely loosened up from a lot of use and abuse.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to ride it yet, because my older board does not have a track mount system. It just has 4 bolt holes and they don’t line up with the spacing of the Crazyfoil mount. It also came missing one of the bolts to mount the mast to the mast mount. I emailed the company to see what they will do, so I suppose we will also get an idea of the support the company provides.

My options at this point to ride it are:
A. Find a similar enough bolt that will work (this may be tough due to the way the head needs to be recessed in the mount)
B. Hope the company pulls through with a replacement quickly
C. Drill a new hole in the fuselage to get it mounted to my LF mast

I will keep you guys posted how this goes. I am really eager to try it now that it is mostly put together. Pictures coming in my next post.


These are all the parts straight out of the box. It was packaged with all of the bolts (except the mast mount) loosely threaded in their positions. I like this approach, except for the fact that one came loose and it escaped the box that arrived torn up by careless delivery/customs people.

Notice my son pointing to the missing bolt in the mast.

This is what the cross-section of the mast looks like from above.

Got a quick shot of the two wing sizes in comparison on the kitchen table before my wife caught me!

Top side of the composite mast mount. I really wish this part was metal. I don’t know how much it would help, but part of me really wants to fill the gaps in these struts with 3m window weld, 5200, or epoxy just to add a fraction of extra strength.

I’m excited to subscribe to this thread! I really like my Naish setup but didn’t want to spend that type of money on my next build. Plus I want to add a foil to my wakesurf board to pull behind the boat. The price has me interested for sure.

I’m getting the same wing in a few days! We could gather all data here if you like?

Yes, that sounds great to me. Let’s keep all our compiled information and experiences here.

This foil honestly makes me cringe… I have picked up good quality second hand foils for similar prices on Facebook.

Ahh, jezza, we can’t all be riding unifoil hyper :grinning:

Plastic baseplate is truly disappointing though. - that’s a highly stressed part.

:rofl: I’m actually getting geared up to test a gong/axis/unifoil/custom setup at the moment…

The shape looks good to me, the materials and craftsmanship seem decent.

Other than the mast mount plate, what makes you cringe?

I should note that they got right back to me and are taking care of the missing bolt. I will let you know how it ends up, but so far I am pleased with the way customer service has handled the missing part.

Mast plate, mast, wings.
I have no doubt on some level it will work, but in comparison to other foils and knowing just how much better quality gear is when it comes to efficiency, speed and carving…

Work very well for me since 3 years now. But I have broke 2 times the plastics mast holder. Have done a aluminum one

Efficiency is 55 wh/km at 23kph

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Badass! Which wings did you record those efficiency stats?

Is that the 100cm mast? Looks much longer than the 65cm that comes with their base kit.

Can you also provide some details on how you made the aluminum mast mount and show us some close ups of it?

I have try both. I love riding with the 800cm2 but this efficiency is dine with the 1200.
Yes it’s the 100cm

Great work! So glad to hear someone has already successfully sorted this system!
How disastrous were the 2 failures of the original plastic mounts?

I adapted my crazyfoil fuselage to mount directly to my CR:X mast by just drilling and counterboring a new rear hole on the fuselage. I didn’t have much choice because I have my mast-to-motor mount welded onto the mast. But I also didn’t like the fact that the CrazyFoil mast plate was injection molded

I have add a small 3d parts to add a small angle to the front crazyfoil wing. Without, the board wasn’t flat. Did you add the same issue? I can share it if you want!