Crowdfunding Fri-Foil


We are a Swiss start-up and we are developing a foiling electric boat (see @frifoil on instagram). Our goal is to build a boat that can be driven without a license and very easy to fly. We want to share the new feeling of foiling with as much people as possible !

Furthermore we are working with the Swiss Navigation Authorities in order to change the laws concerning hydrofoil boats and hydrofoil surfs. We hope that our boat will bring positive opinions about hydrofoil sailing. Thanks to the feedback from individuals, we want to push the legislation to allow all types of hydrofoil vehicles.

For more information please visit our website We are currently in a crowdfunding campaign, so if you are interested in our project please support us !

Thank you very much !



In addition to no noise, no oil,… don’t hesitate to look at the points used by Seabubles in Paris to unlock the 5 knots max speed limit (applied since 1840): no wake so no damage to the banks, etc…

Thank you ! we shall do that

Awesome Project! What’s the status about the legislation change? Would be awesome to use my eFoil in switzerland …