Crowdfunding Plan for Perfect Parts

Hello everyone, I come from Hebei, China. I saw the Pacificmeister video on YouTube in June 2017,

And very obsessed, excited with the background music when his DIY electric hydrofoil surfboard rises,

Then in August 2017, I also followed Diy on my first electric hydrofoil surfboard, and there was no money at that time,

The accessories are mostly based on the cheapest solution, with only the same ones used for motors, electrical and pacificmeister,

The first test board directly broke, but I just wanted to feel its thrust. In the second test, due to

Forgetting to balance the battery during charging caused the battery to catch fire and burned out a washing machine, bringing the project to an end.

In recent days, I suddenly remembered this project again. Perhaps it was because I was unwilling to succeed before, or perhaps it was because summer was approaching,

On a technical level, I don’t quite understand. I only refer to the cases of the great gods

I don’t know what I can contribute to everyone on the forum, and I feel a bit sorry for constantly asking about technical issues in vain. But I have an idea,

I hope everyone can access the most cost-effective accessory resources. Perhaps everyone understands that China’s advantage is its low productivity,

This is also why many large companies purchase accessories or produce them from China, including the motors, electric regulators, and so on that you often use,

I hope everyone can participate in the discussion of the best performance component size data, and ultimately obtain a nearly perfect component data

For example, motors, masts, hydrofoils, ESC, lithium batteries, protective panels, blades, etc. I have been looking for several factories in the past few days,

The factories we are looking for all have experience in providing accessories to electric hydrofoil companies, including CNC, carbon fiber, and surfboards,

There are people who do ESC, there are people who do electric motors, and so on

If you have perfect component data or models, you can entrust factories to process and produce them in bulk. If there are many crowdfunding personnel, the price will be higher for you to purchase

It’s much cheaper based on the price

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There is another question that suddenly occurred to me yesterday. There are many small electric vehicles in China, as well as two wheel electric vehicle modified controllers. Due to the large user base of two wheel electric vehicles in China, compared to the aircraft model ESC, it has a more stable and long-term practical application history. Bluetooth self-learning app Bluetooth adjustment program has strong compatibility, adjustable undervoltage, one click repair, super power, and other advantages, Isn’t it better to use it on an electric hydrofoil surfboard? Below, I will share the pictures with everyone to see if they are suitable for everyone

These EV ESCs are a good idea. They are bigger than the ones we’re used to. How much do they cost ?
What’s the difference between a given 120/350A (say) in the three different colors ?
Neither Ali nor Google know GEKOO FOC ESCs…

Found this.

Three colors represent with or without Bluetooth function, while yellow does not have Bluetooth function. Many young people convert electric vehicles into lithium-ion batteries and high-power controllers, allowing them to easily ride two wheeled electric vehicles at speeds of 120 kilometers or even more per hour. If they cannot find them on Google, it is normal. You can try searching for other keywords, such as electric vehicle modification. If you still cannot find them, you can try translating them into Chinese and search for them

That’s it. Compared to stability, I feel that this is more reliable and does not require forced cooling

Taking this as an example, it supports a motor of 3-4 kW, with a bus current of 190a, a phase line current of 360a, and a voltage of 48-72v. The price in RMB is 950 , which is equivalent to 136.71 dollars in US dollars. Of course, this does not include shipping costs

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@kian, I lost the habit of consulting taobao :wink:
For charging batteries safely, the site offers safety boxes at interesting prices:
'不鏽鋼電池盒加厚電動車鉛酸鋰電池倉電池箱子帶提手電筒動車電瓶箱 - Taobao

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This looks quite interesting. How are these programmed, and what input possibilities do they have?

I lost two e-bikes in a year because of the high risk of theft and because of the high cost of batteries

Nice BT interface. I can’t see any FOC parameter, in the “Advanced parameter” zone maybe ? Would you have the real time monitoring interface ? A user manual ?

I also translated the interface picture, download WeChat, and then search the small program GEKOO, which has a very comprehensive introduction

I did that in WeChat. But the manual is in Chinese. :see_no_evil:

Download with Youdao translator, screenshot translation, you send sometimes I do not understand the translation :joy_cat:

I saw a picture today that proves my idea has already been implemented by a company

What is the esurf brand using this big baby ? Can you trace the remote brand too ?