Curious if this motor/esc combo would be good for an efoil

I’m looking into buying this motor

and controlling it with this esc

I’m looking for it to be a direct drive

The controller is only up to 6S. That’s a little bit less.

Ah, thanks. I’ve built a couple of electric skateboards, so I’m hoping there’s a little overlap. Say I get the proper esc, is this motor decent for a direct drive set up?

Maybe if you use it as a jet drive.
1000 Options … Direct Drive, Jet Drive, Transmission Combination, If you have not already bought, look around here and find the best drive for you.
The cheapest is probably the direct drive. Most torque has gear drive.
The safest thing is Jet.
Everything has pros and cons

Cool. I’m only on day 2 of figuring out a game plan. Thanks for the help.

Hi @heliumface770 First may must say I am no expert! However I would suggest that if you want your build to last you may want to look at a using 12S ESC with >300A output. I have seen a lot of people showing burnt out cheap ESC’s its better to have something that can handle the abuse, or if you keep replacing it is more expensive than doing it well the first time. Also my understanding is the general rule is the lower the Kv the better it is for a efoil. the slower the propeller RPM the more efficient. But with impellers its more complicated & not a area I can give advice .
Best advice I can give you is read, read ,& read more , don’t rush a purchase read the full story unless you have unlimited finances & time .
Good luck with your build.