Custom propellers with CFD analysis

Hi guys,

I am looking someone with previous professional experience in prop design for (small) boats, available and willing to make the study for me (paid service).

Please consider the nature of my request : I am still in the building process and can’t spend more time on tweaking prop parameters to find the best suitable solution for my board (s) / motor(s) combo.

I live in EU and would preferably like to find someone here. Also, as we are talking about professional services, I am looking for :

  • Custom designed prop and duct with customer’s parameters (engine power, max RPM, max diameter, desired speed, number of blades, eventual electrical consumption, hub diameter and length, blade types like the cleaver one, blade option like folding, …)
  • CFD analysis of the propeller design
  • Test bench at desired RPM for in depth analysis
  • I have no doubt there are many talented people out there that even maybe designed the props for the top Efoil brands (Lift, Pegasus, FR, Flite, and the list goes on).
  • I am asking a previous proven experience, preferably commercial (we are talking about money…).

Feel free to PM me if you match this profile. Also, think about the other people that might be interested in this and drop a message :slight_smile:


Have you tried ? They have managed so many optimisation cases…
@Dynamik and @WNT have claimed it was their daily job but never had the opportunity to prove it although asked. Now that dollars are involved, maybe will you be heard…

I did. However, Caeses does not come as a “out of the box” solution. You pretty much need to master the software to get decent results. I know what I am talking about softwares in general… Plus, friendship system is not a study office, which means they wont design something or make calculations for you (or did I missed something ?).

Let’s hope some talented people will pop out :slight_smile:

I could see if I could hook you up with one of the Solarboat guys. I’ll be in their office later this week and can ask for you if you want.

For modellflyers Prop it was n100W.
By 100 Watt power, you have this rpm and thrust…
For use give it not.
Best regards Frank

@stijnhof : thx !
@JetboardCologne : what do you mean ? How did you came with such datas ?

The big questions are how much money are you willing to throw at the prop and why?
A lot depends on what objectives you want to accomplish:

  • Do you want top efficiency?
  • Do you want top speed?
  • What motor is it for?
  • What size battery are you using?

An all-around prop will give you a compromise of all of those. Then there’s the fact you could buy a prop from Flying Rodeo for less than it will cost you to design your own. His props far outperform anything else here at this stage. It’s more of an all purpose prop though.

Those users were the same person.

Good questions, let’s say I’d like to build an awesome efoil :smile:

  • I want the best compromise for speed / efficiency but would sacrifice efficiency if needed.
  • My geared drive + custom motor
  • Still not built, however, would be close to 12S 42Ah or even 14S, I need to test the speed & current prior to this decision.

I know I can buy a prop from FR, but like everything else, I’d like to build everything from my own. You realize everyone here is willing to buy those props ? I know they are good quality, however, I’d also want to commercialize in the near future…

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What are you planning to commercialise? Prop, board or everything?

I’d like to commercialize everything, but it also depends on external factors, so it’s a bit tricky to answer this question now. However, the motor pod with prop would be available as spare kit for diyers.

So from my point of view there are a few things to consider:

  • No one will bother buying a geared unit now that there are direct drive units readily available and they require less maintenance.
  • If you develop a motor it will need to be better than the Maytech/Flipsky/Reacher version as that’s pretty easily available and its pretty cheap for what it is all things considered.
  • Prop wise its actually pretty simple. Choose your diameter and then do a few different pitch variations. Unless you do some crazy new design format that hasn’t been done before (but this will cost you and there’s no guarantee it will sell).
  • Learn from other companies failings, if you take too long to get to market kiss your investment goodbye.
  • There are a good few companies popping up that are going to fail as I think they have underestimated the end user and what they are capable of. They are going to get A LOT of returns!

All things considered, best of luck…

Hello sliman
The n100 wert from Props for modellflyers is from a goog Pilot.

The Fr Prop are very expensive…
The faltblel Prop comes 500,- Euro by lift foil :roll_eyes:

The Yamaha Alu Prop 7x5 are for Outrunner very good (10,-)
A plastic Prop black 7,5 x8 a for inrunner with gear good (12,-)
AL so 7,8x8 in Alu for gears.

Best regards frank

I appreciate the feedback, however :

  • It is not a geared drive. I mean, I am also building the geared drive, but this one is not intented to be sold. It’s more for prop test / efficiency tweaking as it has more torque. It’s a custom made inrunner bldc motor. And because I am tired of all these people claiming their motor are “custom made”, I will send a test unit to a trusted user as soon as I get one piece ready for review.
  • Chinese motors doesn’t even come closer to the targetted performance. I mean, I estimate their efficiency to be around 80% while mine would be >90% (I don’t even speak about technical specs). To be honest, you won’t even cover the motor material with $300-$400. That’s why the ones you are finding on the market right now (FR or even Pegasus pod - even if this one comes with integrated ESC- ) are >$1500. BUT, I do not forget the community and will (hopefully) offer a great (really great) discount for the first batch.
  • Prop wise is not that easy, it depends on a lot of factors, that’s why I am looking for someone to make this study for me.
  • I do as I will offer a 100% money back garantee if the customer is not happy with the product for the first month of so.
  • You are damn right about the risks and time to get everything ready, I am well aware of this. However, I really want to achieve this project.

Thanks, much appreciated.

Please not that I work on this project on my free time, which also adds complexity to the thing :sweat_smile:

Hi Frank,

Thanks for those infos !

FR prop is indeed expensive but he did made his own design and signature. You pay for a good quality product (aluminium 7075-t6 I think, which is aerospace grade and expensive) and no less than already proven good efficiency.

Lift’s folding prop (which is btw also sold by Torqeedo) is indeed super exensive, but here too, the machined parts are worth $150-$200 at least.

Yamaha and standards outrunners props might be used with efoil, but they are not really adapted to our need. Still, I appreciate the feedback :wink:

Hello Sliman
I drive/fly many props,
Yamaha and others, printed and Alu or Plastik…
That really good for this money.

Sorry, 500 is too mutch for a Prop, there no is stainless steal :joy:
Alu is a cheap material.

Torqeedo, I know colleague’s there🤗
I will construct a foltable Prop for DIY, with little works and little money… But I have little time :laughing:

Too time I have here 20 - 25 props for tests.

Greetings Frank

FR prop is not 500€ , it is around 140€ even less taking discount or group buy , or the one made for direct drive setup , it is worth all its money , You can drop it on the floor and it won’t even remember it
As far as the design, I think It can be better, we don’t need that much of thrust if we don’t want to tow someone or go over 40km/h
As far as quality , nop can’t be better than that

For study case , I think they are many parameters : top speed desired , and total weigh … voltage drop on the battery …
it will hard to have a design that please everyone

By Fr for the Standart Prop he will 200,- he said.
Lift Foil for the fortable Prop 500,-
Its too mutch for the little bit Alu.
When the props are broken I were angry…
My Yamaha props I laughing and I make a new Prop on the foil :joy:

IMHO, the only thing they have in common is their size and their high price… the LIFT prop looks more KISS and more original with its large blades to me, the Torqueedo is more flush and clearly inspired by the Flexofold 2 blades test champion used in boats…

About the lift folding prop, it opens when the throttle is on and closes when the throttle is off right? There is no button on the remote that you need to press to close the prop right? If that’s the case anybody could buy a folding prop and use it on their diy efoil!