Custom Round vesc system

Hi guys

I did make a 75V - 200A round vesc controller as below picture.
Have 3 or 4 samples if anybody interested they are for sale as i am not going to use them in my next project.

Price 350 USD + shipping (about 35 USD).


Looks good, all the power stage is located on the last pcb ? Means you can cool it by sticking a thick aluminum plate there then. What’s the outer diameter ?

What’s the issue not using them ?

Yes exactly power stage is last to be connected to radiator. I can share a cad of needed radiator design.

The diameter is 64mm.

Not shown on the photo there are spacers between each stage

I do not use it as it does not fit my design.

Maybe in future ones but for now i adopted something different

Highly interesting concept, was looking for this when I build my first Flite replica a year ago, but found nothing at 64mm. @Mantafoils For sake of transparency, why did you not decide to integrate these in your product?

Because for now i have still my watercooled vesc on top of the mast and also the way i am doing my new bottom part is not suitable with this type of design.

I implemented it in my volt 2 design during testing but did not carry it forward for upcoming volt 3

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Looks nice, but why is the price that high, could get cheaper ones from flipsky …Did you test them as well if they work fine and can handle 80A continous on 50V ?

Will Volt 3 use VESC based ESC? :grimacing:

I did test it up to 120A motor current and about 60A continuous battery current. It needs a good cooling to work.

We have aways been using vesc based ESC.

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You still need to understand that this is a product under development. Only 4 of them have been made.

I am selling them here as i think it may be of interest for some users.
If not will be kept for future projects.

at about 60A continuous with my setup, the vesc is at about 68 deg stable. if I ride normally at 25-40 A, then temps goes back to 45-50A