Custom Stainless Steel Prop


We do custom prop for eFoil and Ski boat.

For eFoil prop price is $100 plus shipping to your destination county from USA.

  1. For Ski Boat prop price is $300 plus shipping to your destination county from Dallas.

  2. Will charge your card before deliver.
    Just send us a STL file and we will do the rest. For ski boat, we just need your prop size, pitch, etc…
    The pricing is for Stainless Still prop, brass is the same price.
    All are hand made…! Please see the sample props:prop1|690x358


Very nice Price!!!
how long work to at the prop you?
shipping to germany?
Best regards Frank

Hi Frank,

It depends on how many prop your initial order and how fast you want to ship.

  1. Min first order is 5 unit, i will stock 10 total and ready to ship out for the next customer. order 10, i will stock 20, etc… You don’t have to pay all, just pay for 1 unit for sample and the rest will ship out once you like the first sample prop. I can ship to everyon on the list, one by one.

  2. I can ship overnight to Germany, will get there about 48hrs. You will paid for the shipping.

  3. Best you guys get together and decided which prop is the best to duplicate and we go from there…


Do you have any links to other props you have made?

Hello Justin
i make good fils to time with this prop:

what said die others ?
Greetings frank

Sorry, did not make any website, maybe in the future…
Attachments are more photos from our shop and props.!
My goal is to help the parents of the 5 year old boy have a chance to get him into 3d layout instead like his father using the bronze age tools.


With which motor have you tested your efoil propeller ? Which speed have you reached ?
Could you tell us more about the specs: diameter, pitch ?

Looks good. Where are you located? Thailand?

Can you give some more information on these cleaver prop ? Dia ? Pitch ?


For ski boat you have to give me the spec…


Nop… I like you to give me the best performance prop to duplicate…


No… but not too far…

I am from Dallas Texas, but have prop shop and contract with few other prop shops in Vietnam Mekong Delta region to provides all the prop you need at the great price for all of eFoiler…

Can you duplicate a prop if I send you one?


Will see… First please email me all the best snap shot that you can and label the dimension on the photo would help… I will notify you when ready to mail out your prop…

Private message me is ok too…