Cutting threads in motor shaft

Anyone have any cost effective solution to threading the end of a motor shaft. Unfortunately I ended up with a second Maytech motor that has that pin setup rather than the preferred thread. My first motor from them had the thread so I didn’t expect this change and didn’t even look for that. Seems like it would need to be milled down and also cut to match.

That sucks!

Just return it. Maytech is so over priced. Get the motor from Reacher, or Flipsky. I got the Flipsky one and I’m happy with it.

At the moment Maytech is the only one with a decent waterproof remote, so I can understand buying that from them. But, as far as the other stuff…it’s available elsewhere cheaper.


Yeah. I already drank a lot of the koolaid though and have to see this one through on this build :wink: Definitely will share some thoughts when all is said and done though.

I see. Well, in that case I’d say contact them and try to exchange it.

To cut the thread properly you’d probably need a lathe. The shaft will need to be thinned down a bit first and then the thread cut.
The other option would be to do the attachment like the FR motors which would allow you to use any of his props. So drill a small hole in the tip of the shaft and then thread it. This actually might be the best option.
The last option would be to contact maytech and ask them to send you a new rotor with the correct thread.