DC to DC charging for Foil Drive Gen2 Battery XT90I connector with center pins

I am wanting to DC-DC charge a gen2 foil drive battery from a 12v Battery on the boat. I have the Icharger dx12 that can handle a 11s battery from a 12v power source. When I connect the battery it is telling me that a balance connection is required. Do I need to be doing anything with the center pins on the xt90i connector or any way to bypass balance on this charger or recommendations for another charger that would work directly? Planning to charge at the same 4A as the foil drive charger but worried about damaging the BMS.

It’s is essential that you charge via the center pin - otherwise you will be bypassing the BMS and things will go wrong eventually :fire::fire::fire:

Grab a multi meter and measure what the original charger is doing on its pins and match it with your new charger.

Pretty sure the center pins (both) are negative to the BMS.

But tread carefully, especially on a boat!