Demo/Rent SUP foil board in LA area

Hi all! Michael from LAFC suggested I post here. My brother is turning 50 and we’ll be celebrating in Southern California. I’m looking to demo a SUP foil board from 12/26 - 1/1. We are kiters, surfers and have done a bit of foiling. I’d like to surprise him with a board for the week. Know if I can rent/demo a board in LA or San Diego area? Thank you!

I sent this post to a couple guys that might be able to help you.

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Thank you so much @Hdip!

Hi there, I m a KT rep, I can let you demo the board drifter 105L if you find some foil. I don’t have spare ones.
How much you

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How much your brother weight ?

Thank you for the offer @alexp! He weighs around 180 lbs. Any ideas of how I can get my hands on a foil?

Oh, my won’t work, it doesn’t have volume enough, it has 105L and us more a wing board but you could used for SUP if you are around 159-160lb.

Call the stores around the area you are going to be, they may have some demo sets.

What part of la are you going to be in? Does your brother have any sup foil experience?

Do you want to demo an efoil? Might be easier to set that up. But they get appointments filled up quick on holidays.

I missed your message @Hdip. Thanks for reaching out! We’ll be near Laguna and then touring down the coast. My brother has a good bit of experience with a foil and he’s been on an efoil as well. I imagine I might be too late to reserve?..