Developing a new folding propeller

Hi, guys! I’m developing a new folding propeller with star-cmm+ software. 300+ hours of CFD simulation has been done to optimize it (already halfway through!!). Will start to CNC machine some prototypes in this month. And will ship some for testing for free! Please leave comments below or DM me if you are interested. And I also need your help if you can provide me the shaft dimension data of the mainly used motors.

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Interested… 12mm shaft.

please DM your email, thanks

6374 is commonly used for the foil assist with four bolts holding on the prop, 120kV 6s. They use m4 bolts (22mm across diagonally) as shown on the right.

I would be interested in testing one.

Please PM your email, I will keep you posted

Yes Please

I am also interested.
65161 12mm shaft or FR/Lift motor

Hey there,

If still possible I would love to test the prop as well. I definitely have some intrest from the Dutch community here if the prop is successful.

Have you thought about a free spinning propeller as well?