DieBieMS - urgently wanted

Hello to all,

I am urgently looking for a DieBieMS as mine unfortunately no longer works :japanese_ogre:

I sent two of them to Danny Bokma for repair several months ago, but unfortunately I have not heard back from him and he does not respond to any messages :weary:

Does anyone here know Danny, or has a DieBieMS for sale or can even repair it :+1:

Thanks in advance for your help :star_struck:


These aren’t known for being very reliable. Another one will probably fail as well. I have two that I’ve replaced a ton of parts on, including a failed LTC6803 but it still doesn’t work right.

Ennoid basically forked the firmware and made significant improvements to the hardware. Might be a better option. https://www.ennoid.me/

That or the FlexiBMS is another CAN enabled vesc compatible bms. A bit less expensive but very reliable in my experience https://finnkotronics.myshopify.com/

Hi Jake,

thanks for the reply - I am already in contact with Kevin from Ennoid - the SS-12 HD should be available again soon.
Unfortunately I will have to change a few things on the battery as the connections/connectors are different - so it would be easier to use a DieBieMS again.
So far this has worked very well (have 4 pieces in use) - now I had to change the cells because the Samsung 30Q is very badly unbalanced.
Do you have any idea where the fault could be? At the moment, one LED lights up green briefly when I switch on the DieBieMS (button, USB or charging) and the buzzer buzzes softly - nothing on the display. SMD fuse is ok.