Direct drive Inrunner

So a few weeks back I found a 70120 480Kv motor and emailed the company manufacturing them and asked if they could possibly wind it at around 200Kv. They never got back to me!
So I again decided to go to their webpage and try estabilish contact again. However this time I noticed a different product. One specifically designed for Efoil!!! A 70120 160KV

Who’s going to be the first to test this bad boy out?


It is even with seals -> waterproof so no extra housing needed, means only 10mm bigger in diameter than “standard” 60mm diameter setup.

Max Amps: 80A

something is wrong there…a BLDC motor is limited by max amps/windings, not by max power (80*125= 10kW = 200 *50). So might be similar to APS 70100 and 56200 motor (also 80A).

Protect Feature: Waterproof

Grade would be nice, “sealed” and “waterproof” are often used for splashproof (IP64 or IP65)…
Looks like there are grooves for O-rings, but screws 1) not clamping them and 2) behind the sealing

350$ +30$ Shipping

*1,19 Import Taxes ~ 400€
(APS 56200 is 230GBP ~ 350€ incl. shiping & tax?)

Bearings description is missing, wouldn’t be p&p without thrust bearing/ angled roller bearing…
Also the 2mm hole for shear pin is bit small…most likely due to 8mm shaft.

Could be still a good motor for a simple setup. Igus or ceramic thrust bearing could be added right to the prop. Water-tightness has to be tested.

The APS 70100 is a 6374 outrunning in a housing. Not an inrunner at all.

I’m not convinced by the sealing in this new design and its hugely expensive considering the same company offers the 70120 inrunner at 480Kv for $150 (from gearbest). To me it looks like some of the screws are located after the seals. Therefore they will need to be sealed themselves.

I was hoping you could push more than 80A through it as well. Max power you will realistically use is 60 x 80 = 4.8Kw.

But it is an option for someone wanting to test it.

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Did someone used this motor?

If it is really 70mm instead of 56 it would be good for my boat jetdrive, as the 56114 is on the edge for running the 60mm jet.

No one has tried that motor yet. I stumbled onto it about 2 weeks ago and was trying to get them to do a 200Kv one for me instead.
Its should work quite well with a 60mm jet.

I wonder how easy it would be to rewind the 480KV motor to a 200KV and then do a custom shaft. You could do a few different options including building a better housing.

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Is it similar to the motor used on those eFoils that Lisa and @Dirkdiggler are selling?

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Those look bigger than 70mm wide. My guess is that its slightly different.

Custom shaft is doable but time consuming if you don’t have appropriate tools. I ordered a custom 100kv with no shaft from Alien and the made my own 10mm shaft.

The rotor is held in place by 4 screws and epoxy. You need a d-flat in the shaft for each screw.


Can you remove the old shaft from a rotor without completly destroying it?
I could not remove it as there was hard locktite on it. I did not dare to heat it because of the magnets.
So this is probably only possible if you order a custom rotor without a shaft.

I ordered without shaft.

They use epoxy to glue the shaft to the rotor. I think it’s hard to separate them.

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I think a hydraulic press would solve that problem. Most machine shops have one.

Great Solution! @Riwi is the motor you are using?

Did do any thrust test? Do you think it will create enough torque?
Wondering if Alien Power people charged anything for you custom request or not?

Hi! That’s the one.

Thrust test is the next step.

Originally this is a 8mm shaft motor so Alien made a rotor for 10mm shaft and also added bearings for 10mm shaft.



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Possible, you might mess up the rotor since it’s made up of three part that are glued as well. That’s in the alien anyhow.

I have made an enquiry about them sending me a test unit to review. Obviously if we can get an idea of how well it works and whether its worth the $350 then that would be good for all of us here! In addition if its not fit for purpose, then hopefully I could give them some design feedback too. Let’s wait and see what they come back with…

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Ive bought one to test, I find it hard to believe that it has 7.5NM torque, that is similar to an 80100, is this even physically possible? We will soon find out I guess, 7.5NM is easily enough torque :slight_smile:

Great! Keep us informed Jake. Which KV did you order?

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As far as i look : a Tp56 motor 92mm can has 1,4N , and with 122mm can has 3,4N … So with 200mm why not 7N

For the c80-100 i think torque is more around 10N

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