Direct Drive Surfboard with Hydrofoil Mount - For Sale

Hey everyone,

I’m curious to hear your opinions on our latest configuration of Carbon Orca’s Direct Drive Surfboard with Hydrofoil Mount. Carbon fiber is hand-laid in a fiberglass mold then a vacuum pulls epoxy resin through each fiber resulting in a structural shell that enables for multiple hydrofoil configurations or battery and motor positions. The board we’re assembling here has an ‘18.8kW motor’ with a ‘505Wh 120amp 52volt battery’ and ‘300 amp 75 volt ESC/remote’. The non-motorized hydrofoil bolts through the carbon fiber shell and hooks into 2ft t-slot rails. The propeller system can be removed for surf only, eFoil or the configuration here. Idea is to find waves to catch or have a fail-safe for offshore adventures.

+Full carbon fiber surfboard, with two removable lids
+18.8kW Electric Motor or 9kW Electric Motor
+T-Slot Rail System for Direct Drive Bolt-On, eFoil Bolt-On
+7.8in Aluminum Propeller with Shaft Support
+Stainless Steel Shaft
+Shaft log with seals
+505Wh 120amp 52volt battery
+300 amp 75 volt ESC/remote
+EVA foam, black or white
+3 handles (front, left, right)
+Stainless steel hardware
+Carbon fiber battery box
+Ankle kill switch
+5 amp Charger
+Duct option

I have inventory built up for approximately 3 units and will be selling them for around $3,000 to ship (hopefully) by Christmas. If anybody is interested, please contact or make your purchase at



Do you think a folding prop can work on this setup ?

Have you used this setup in the water yet? Curious on how the prop angle is working out.

Hello - the folding propellers available on the market have not been fit to our design. If you’re interested in a folding propeller configuration, we’re happy to ship you a board as-is, then comp you a folding prop after we manufacture it.


Hello - the shaft angle is 15 degrees, similar to ski and wake boats (Nautique). To eliminate mechanical complexity and the need for U-Joints, we opted for a direct drive shaft system. Videos are harder to make in Seattle with the snow :grinning:, but I’ll do my best in the next few weeks to demonstrate the systems. Happy to jump on FaceTime to walk through the shop to answer any questions or accommodate any customer modifications.


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Your solution vs traditional larger motorised pod fins.

  • no motor pod = possibly less drag at fin level,
  • some drag introduced by the shaft,
  • the prop is lifting the board rear upwards creating a board nose down. It means that the rider must shift towards the back to compensate this,
  • the motor being on board can be bigger,
  • board center of gravity moved forward,
  • imho folding prop difficult or impossible to adapt,
  • …–

Not sure about this, look at the extended shaft axis, it seems to meet the center of weight of the rider roughly. I would guess that the force is acting quite neutrally on the board. Not like a normal efoil with huge nose lift torque

You might be right, good point.