Direct drive vs Gear Box

Hi all,

I am new in the forum and starting my eFoil adventure and I would like to solve some doubts. I have read many topics and it seems that some people likes more a direct drive motor and others tend more to a gear boxed configuration.

I would like to hear experiences of people that have used both and hear the pros and cons of each configuration and which one you think was better.

Regards from Spain

Pd: If there is a topic with this discussion already it would be nice to have it

Hi, the gearbox has only one advantage - it increases torque. Higher torque will only allow the propeller to generate more thrust (at the expense of speed). A very heavy rider might use the higher prop thrust, but certainly a tugboat type vessel needs it when the tug is towing a broken down e-foil to port:-).

So you have to decide whether to get more e-foil speed or get more prop thrust.

I have both , I made a 40mm motor and 56mm geared setup and I bought the direct drive FR motor

Both worked well , the drive setup makes less noise which is nicer for ridding

At the time first Efoil were built there were not much choice : big outrunner ou small inrunner with gearbox to match the torque needed

Gearbox setup were harder to built and to keep waterproof ( never did on mine but still working )

Now that the 65161 motor type is out , there no question to ask go with that

Only one gearbox was able to take the speed and torque but it is not available for now , a 56123 sss motor with chief gearbox 6:1 would a beast of 18Nm and 10kw , but with the new high ratio wing out I believe there no need for this any more