Direct Drive with SSS 56123 230KV?

did anybody try the SSS 56123 230KV as direct drive with a 80-100mm prop?

With 12s it would be about 10.000 rpm - 4" 4 blade prop with 4" pitch should be around 40kg static trust.
Can this work to :surfing_man:

The biggest issue is that you will way surpass the max amp draw on this motor.

I don’t think you will get enough torque with it. You need at least 3Nm to foil, while this motor gives you around 2Nm @ max power I think, just like the 56114. You’ll most likely burn it before getting on plane.

There was a youtube build with a direct drive 56114 motor that I think would be fast enough to foil with a big foil, but i can’t remember where it is. If I find it i’ll add the link in here.

I posted the video a while back. He used the 56114 that’s true, however I don’t think it will fit our purpose. Never tried so I don’t know. Just my 2 cents

this one: ?

I think it would work, but you wont have a huge amount of speed to play with…

Was going to post it at the exact same time haha

This video was the reason to think about - would be good to know how much amps :question:

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In that video he used a 700kv motor. Why not start with something similar to what he used?

Because he run with 6s and I would use 12s to get lower amps - and I think 15.000 rpm with a 94 mm prop is not optimal - what do you think.

I would use either a 360 or 400KV motor.

Do you think the wire diameter is to thin at 230kv?

What is max Amps? Cannot find the specs anywhere. Only for the 500kV

I ask them for the specs but didn’t get a answer :-1:

Mhh … but some of them didnt yet start working because of the virus stuff there.

My 350 kV has 93A max. So I guess its will be less than that. maybe 70A

From what I’ve seen, the 230kv version of this motor has a max amperage of 87A and max voltage of 108V

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Though using the equation

torque = (8.3*Current) / (Kv)

That puts as at roughly a Max torque of roughly 3Nm… not great… too bad, because I got really excited when I saw they had mad a 230Kv motor too…

Thanks for the Update!
For the torque I came to a different number:
230 kV equals 0,04152 Nm/A so 3,61 Nm @ 87A