DIY boards-batteries-masts-motors-wings-bms

Hello Foil friends,
If you are looking for efoil parts for your project I have 6 boards available, parts for about 10 batteries, battery casings, remote controls, masts, motors BMS’s, or use all the part I have to complete build all 6 boards I have available. If you are electronically inclined and have the skills to build an efoil, save time use my stuff for your next or present efoil project.

Posting pics might help your sale…

Thanks Jezza- Gathering them today and uploading soon.

Where are you located and why do you sell the stuff?

Charlotte NC. Cleaning house. Need to sell all efloils that are not presently in my lineup.

What would be the largest motors you have and associated ESC speed controllers?
Estimated pricing?
Thx, Steve

Hi @Daniel2020, do you have a list of your inventory? Maybe to post here or send as a DM? I’ve been lurking on the forum for months and I’m just starting an e-foil build. The chance to pick up a few parts is the nudge I needed to just sign up for an account (first post!). I’m in Pennsylvania, so shipping should be fairly routine.

I am definitely interested in what you have as well.

Uploading pics today. Creating a list as well.


Uploading pics and list soon