DIY E-foil build

Call me crazy but i have an idea to build my own e-foil from materials i have laying around since these thing are really expensive and close to the cost of an old used vehicle.

I haven’t found much information relating to the power/torque requirements for a jet impeller motor.

I want to build my E-foil from scratch using as many supplies as I can that I already have. I assume that everyone here wants to DIY avoid the high cost of boards, e-foil, etc…

I have an ego push mower that has a battery and I was thinking this motor probably has enough power to propell a board and I have a leaf blower that I can remove the impeller from and manufacture the shroud or simply modify and use that whole assembly so there is no need to biuld an enclosure. Obviously need to modify the motors with a watertight housing.

If the blower impeller isn’t rigid enough I can cover in carbon fiber and epoxy it. The mower has all the remote electrical wiring, motor and battery so no need to buy or manufacturer any of those parts. Essentially just re-purpose something I have already paid for. If that motor doesn’t have the torque value/RPMs required then I’ll need to adjust fire.

What do you guys think about the viability of this idea?

I think you under estimate the power needed , you need something that will « drag » you on water up to 10km/h

Just put a amp meter on what you have to see the power

I think you are right for a boat , but it will not fly

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I have determined that I can push it to 4400 RPMs at 60 volts but I don’t know hydro physics to determine the torque value needed to fly. I do have a few months to figure this all out before it gets to comfortable temperatures.

If you want some numbers to help , I have in mind
10nm of torque
2500w of power ( take off )
At least 3000rpm for most prop
Count on rpm drop under load of -10 to 50% depending on motor , weight , board size…
About « 50kg »of pushing force
And again it’s depend on a lot a parameter
For impeller :
64mm diameter , ratio 1-1.2 , 15000rpm off load with about 3nm torque motor
( my estimated numbers , never tried …)


Thank you! That gives me a basis to go from. I’ll have to study the data on current manufacturers motors to see if what I have will work under load. I wish there was some software available to run scenarios based on the parameters of of the data you input for your set-up. If the motor I have isn’t sufficient I can just put it back in the mower amd adjust from there. If it doesn’t meet the need then I will most likely just build my own brushless DC motor.

Build your own Brushless, that nice.
I have it make to, and that is better and lighter

Greeting Frank